I’ve Got the FREMIUM Flu!- I’m sick of it

I am sick and tired. I am sick and tired of every damn RPG having the same plot and goal. I download a game for my ios device or get a game on Facebook, and then it’s the same game as the last game I played. I’ve memorized the plot.

 Go through the tutorial. build buildings. Tap on the built buildings to make money and build more buildings. Upgrade the old buildings and come back in a few hours. Pay [real] money to speed it up. Repeat. That is literally the exact plot of about 20 different games and it sickens me. Here’s a list of some.

  • Farmville
  • Cityville
  • Mafiaville
  • Airport City
  • Frontierville
  • Vacationville
  • Anythingwithavilleville

Stop the madness. Have some originality guys. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how exactly alike each is.
Thank god zynga has some original games. Tomorrow I’ll be covering the best facebook games in a post completely the polar opposite of this post. Anyways, I left a video for you guys below.

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