T2i VS T3i-DSLR Hunt Part Two

So, after about a month I’m giving you an update. The last time I left you, I was spending time online searching for my DSLR and still stuck. Well, after consulting more friends, I made a trip to Best Buy.

I walked in the store (and got sidetracked by the new ipad), but once I was done playing around, I continued on my hunt. In-store, they had the 5D, T2i, and T3i which was great. The 5D is a $3000+ camera, so comparing that to the sub $1000 cameras gave me some nice perspective. From using it in-store I observed the difference between the T2i and T3i, and I learned some interesting facts you just can’t learn online. People say, first of all, that the T2i and T3i are barely different. I disagree. The T3i has a moveable screen, and this made a big difference for me. First of all, this meant that the Screen was more adjustable, which I liked. The screen itself is beautiful, with over one million dots. It was also surprisingly sturdy for an adjustable screen, and I noticed a new purpose. The screen of the T2i was shattered, but the T3i has a protective screen feature in which you can turn the screen around and have it face inside. This fully protects that valuable screen. The adjustable screen was also key for video. I also learned that the kit lens was just not sufficient. It was flimsy, small, and ultimately just not that impressive. So I learned a lot, but the search continues. Stay tuned…

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