Quest for the Best: Searching for WordPress Hosting Part One

Hello again folks. Today I write to you about the start of my latest adventure. I’m looking for affordable, quality WordPress Hosting. After a half a year of free hosting on, I decided it was time for more customization and control, and that WordPress was the answer. Right now I’m still figuring out the logistics, but if all goes well I hope to switch over by June. Anyways…

Right now, I’m on a search for the best WordPress hosting. Ultimately, it’s the same software, and thus the same product from most companies, so it comes down to value, customer service, and price. Right now I’ve found a few options. The first is of course, My fear of them is that they are too large and don’t offer enough control or value.

What I’m looking for is a host with great 24/7 customer support, and a team that can actually help me when I need it, plenty of disk storage, and enough bandwidth. I also expect a high uptime, and a fast transfer speed. This criteria leaves quite a few options in terms of hosting.

The next few are nearly identical in value and price. There’s the large Bluehost, Hostmonster (questionable), and Hostgator (known for their customer support). Right now I’m leaning towards Hostgator, but there are literally hundreds of sites to consider. We’ll have to see.

One other option I’m considering is Graemouse Hosting which is run by PJ Hanna, a great guy, which gives me confidence of top notch customer support. They offer slightly less bang for my buck in terms of bandwidth and storage, but they offer the customer-support advantages of a small business.

Do you have any hosting ideas? Let me know and make a difference in this blog.

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