Dooors- Door By Door Tutorial (Step by Step Guide)

Stuck on a door in Dooors for ios? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to each level that will get you through every door of the game. We’ve gotcha covered. No dooors cheats here. Just some simple instructions.

Level 1- Don’t Ask.
Level 2- Tilt your device to the left and the door will open.
Level 3- Move the ball to the left by tilting and pick up the key behind where the ball was by tapping. To use the key- Tap once on the key in the boxes below, and when orange, tap on the door.
Level 4- Pull the lever on the left and tap the open door quickly.
Level 5- Lift up the lamps until you find the doorknob. Tap the knob to add to your objects. Tap the knob once so that the box is orange and then tap the door. When the knob is on the door, tap the door to open.
Level 6- Turn the lights on and off using the white/yellow switch on the left until each bubble above the door turns from red to green. Then tap the door to open.
Level 7- Tap each circle and match the checkerboard pattern on the door using the circles. On the left two black with one white, and the opposite on the right. The single is always in the middle. Tap on the door to finish.
Level 8- Tap all over the bushes until you gain an object that appears to be a red pin. It will appear automatically in your objects. Once you have the pin, you may open the door.
Level 9- Tap the left wheel right before the right wheel turns green. It will do one rotation around the circle but the door will only open when they are both green (indicated by the red sign turning green above the door). Click on the door as soon as that sign turns green as you will only have a short time to open it before the wheel stops.
Level 10- Wave the device left and right to put out the fire. Move the plants to the side and off screen by swiping next to each a few times. Lift up the burnt wood by tapping and grab the handle quickly. From your objects, select the handle and tap on the circle with a dot to put the lever there. Tap the lever on the circle once it is added to turn it and open the door.
Level 11- Tap on the red knob from Level 8 in the objects and tap on the hole above the middle door. Tap the knob over the door and the door will open.
Level 12- Like a game of cards. Each dot can be red, black, or white. On the left the normal colors are flipped because the symbols are upside down so it is black red red. On the right the colors are normal so it goes red, white (blank),  black. The door can now be opened.
Level 13- Tap on the left fire to grab the flaming stick for later. Rotate your device up and down until each dot above the door turns green. Open the door. Use the fire to destroy the spiderweb and move on as usual.
Level 14- Notice the rip in the wall goes in descending order. Move the sliders up and down to match that pattern as a whole (the slider on the left should be the highest and they should decrease until the sixth which would be the lowest.)
Level 15- Tap in the bottom left corner to grab the bomb. Place the bomb in front of the door. Light it using your firestick and by tapping the fire and then the bomb. Pull one of the levers to make the bomb explode. Pull each lever in the order of the pattern on the door. You can open the door once you do that.
Level 16- Doors level 16 was a bit tricky. Tilt your phone so that the screen is down. If you do this correctly, the door sign will turn from red to green (don’t untilt) and the door will be openable.
Level 17- Put one clock hand on the right at 11 o’clock and on the left at 7:00. The box will turn green.
Level 18-The puzzle door. Tap the red button twice in quick succession until you open each piece of the door
Level 19- Open each side door and turn the middle button on each green. Pick up the beach ball in the top of the left door. CLOSE each door. Tap the beachball in your items list and tap the big white circle on the ceiling until it turns green. All circles on the top of the middle door should now be green and you can open the door.
Level 20- Simply create a mirror image on each side of the other. Same pattern going outward and the door is openable.
Level 21-Level out your device so that the edge of the water is parallel and even with the green line. When you succeed, the red sign turns green and you may open the door.
Level 22- Tap the bottom big left tile to reveal a magnifying glass object. Click the glass in objects and click the bottom of the right tiger to reveal a hidden image of fruit and veggies. Use the colors that correspond to that wheel of fruit on the wheel around the door. The correct order is clockwise orange (use the beachball object) yellow purple red green yellow red. Now, you can open the door.
Level 23- Swipe all of the objects to the left to reveal a white circle on the wall. Tap to make green, move the objects away from the door, and you’re good.
Level 24- Using your torch, light the two fire stands. Next, pull each pully from right to left and back in order. Do not press any twice. The ice will melt and you can open the door.
Level 25- Using the magnifying glass you can see on the Japanese flag that there are numbers (2562). These numbers correspond to the number of blocks you need in each of the four rows. Once you put them in the correct order, you’re set to open the door.
Level 26- Drag the ladder over to the left side and pull down the hidden rope. Pull the new rope to start the cycle and try to pull the second rope right near the end of the gray so as to stop it when the door is 50+% open. Once it is open enough, you will be able to tap to go through it. This may take several tries.
Level 27-Since the right wall goes from yellow to blue to red to green, feed the teeth in the door the pellets in that order and it will open.
Level 28- Tilt to move the balloons. Turn your device volume down then up then down then up and each time the door will open slightly more. After those four movements it will be fully open.
Level 29: Grab the blade in the bottom right corner and select it once it’s in your objects. Now swipe across each plant branch to destroy it. Once all branches have been destroyed, swipe each white door to the side. The regular door will now be visible and a key will be in the bottom right wall. Select it and use it to open the door.
Level 30- Tap each penguin until each pair of penguins is staring at each other and the lighted sign is green. You’re done.That was easy!
Level 31- At doors level 31, simply hold your device upside down until all lights turn green and tap the door.
Level 32- At Dooors 32, slant your device to the right so that the rock slides onto the red button and hides the spikes. Use the torch to scare away the swarm of bees.
Level 33- To disable the lasers, use the knife to cut the wire at right. Move the door in conjunction with which way the animal at that point in the pattern is facing. AKA swipe from left to right followed by four swipes of the door from right to left and then two swipes from left to right. The door should then open.
Level 34- Swipe the plants out of the way. Another hidden message tells you that your phone is the equivalent of a clock. Turn your phone like a clock in the given pattern on the small clocks from left to right. When you get a turn correct, you will see a red light turn green. Complete all five and you can open the door.
Level 35- Light each candle to reveal color words that correspond to the blocks. Arrange the blocks 6 4 5 6 to proceed to the next level. In case you’re curious- this refers to the length of the word.
You’re done. Nice work, cheater. Now try and figure it out yourself. JK. Come back soon!

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