Why Does My iphone Volume Not Go All The Way Down? Answer

This question comes from a reader. “Why doesn’t the volume on my iphone go all the way down?”.

Here’s the simple answer. There are two types of volume on your iphone. You have your application volume, which is the volume for music, videos, and applications, and you have your ringer volume. Each is mutable, and adjustable. But, you will notice that the ringer never goes entirely down. The lowest you can set it is at one volume box. This is not a glitch. This is intended for low volume use.

Muting your iphone is still possible, and extremely easy. Simply use the mute switch at the side of your phone. You will find it next to your volume rocker, and when one side is orange, you know your phone is muted. So don’t worry. Your phone is not broken. If you ever have a question, submit it to us at our “Contact Us” tab and we will answer your question ASAP.

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