ios 5.1 is Extremely Buggy

*See The Post From Monday, March 12th for the solution*
I didn’t know what to write about today, and then my iphone saved the day. Today I will tell you a tale of a very buggy update.

First of all I would like to reenforce the importance of keeping your data in the cloud. The cloud makes it easy to keep your data safe and accessible.

So, on to the story. The day started out an hour early. I thought my iphone had just not adjusted to daylight savings. It had, but it had also switched me to Chicago time zone and would not allow me to change it unless I did it manually. I looked up the bug and found that others had reported it too and reported fixing their phoned by reseting it. So I went into settings and hit the top reset settings option. I confirmed that “no data will be lost” And yet, when it turned back on after the restore all of my data appeared to be gone. It was back to setup and asked me whether I wanted it to be a new iphone or restore from backup. I don’t back up as often as I should. All of my data was gone. My emails, social media, apps, and music should be safe because they are all backed up in the cloud. I believe that the majority of my thousands of photos are gone. Well, I have to go deal with this. Bye y’all.

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