Hubba Hubba- Reviewed

Do you miss the gilded age of big beards, and funny hats? Do you like to dress up your photos? Are you a human with a smartphone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will like Hubba Hubba (Free) for iphone. Hubba Hubba is a fun little photo app that allows you to dress up your photos with hats, beards, glasses, and other fun accessories that range from modern to classic. The results can be hilarious too. Dress up a photo of your favorite sports star. whoever you want

 The adjustment options are great. The rotation, and sizing options mean that you can get your beards, mustaches, hats, and other accessories to fit almost anyone. Then, once you complete your cheesy photo, you can share it with all your friends via a variety of social options. The app is a blast, and the only thing that I could see as an improvement is the option to scale the sides of different objects by length and height separately which is currently not available. For a free app, this is a great fun value. So try it out today, on the app store.

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