A Big Unveiling- Even For Just Press and Stockholders

It’s official. Apple will be issuing a dividend to share-holders (a cash payment) of about $2.50. They will also be doing a stock buyback which will increase share value, and in theory rise the stock price. But why rise it? It’s already at $601 after passing the $600 a share mark today. Crazy. Microsoft by the way is at $32.20 a share. Another stunning fact. They sold 3 million new iPads in under a week. In comparison, Windows Phone 7 phones which have been around for more than a year and a half have 6 million total users. Incredible. So check out the conference-keynote at the link below for yourself.


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Michael Sitver

Michael Sitver is a technology insider who has been blogging about technology since 2011. Along the way, he's interviewed founders of innovative startups, and executives from fortune 500 companies, and he's tried dozens or hundreds of gadgets. Michael has also contributed to works featured in Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the associated press. Michael also occasionally consults, and writes for Seeking Alpha and Yahoo News.

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