How To Watch Youtube Live on an ios Device

Do you want to watch Lockergnome’s TLDR or any other live event on Youtube from bed? Do you have an ipad, or iphone as your main mobile device? Live events are easier to watch than you think. Here’s a quick tutorial.

  1. Go to the bottom corner of Youtube on your mobile device and make sure you are in mobile mode. You will see an option to switch to desktop if you are in the correct setting. Don’t switch.
  2. Go to
  3. Navigate around until you find your live event (since there are only a few live streams most of the time, it shouldn’t be challenging). Click on your event.
  4. Wait. When the page loads, the video will take a while to load. Although 3G works fine, it is generally better to watch this on Wifi because it loads faster. This should take a few minutes.
  5. Your Video will pop up on screen, and start. You should see “live” on the video navigation bar.
  6. Enjoy your live video. Grab some popcorn (extra buttery), curl up in bed, and enjoy your video in your style.
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