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Are your photos at the mercy of some large corporation? Yes? Most of mine are too. That’s why I was fascinated when I heard of a grand liberating photo site titled Open Photo. It addressed a problem I had never really thought of before. What happens if my photo-sharing company starts trying to monetize? Will I be able to move my photos? That is one of the many challenges that Openphoto tries to resolve. Here’s my review:

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at 12.15.46 AM
Part of the Interface

Open Photo has some great features. For starters, there are seven preset licensing settings, or you can set your own. You can tag, and map your photos. They are displayed on a nice custom web page with your own sub domain (although unfortunately they have not built in template customization as of yet). It’s all open source, free, and you own 100% of your content. You can set it as public, or private, and even map your photos. The interface is clean and easy. My one issue is that right now it has very limited features, but I feel like there is definitely some promise to this website. So give it a try. It’s free! For now we will hand them a (4/5) and check back in a year, when they have had more time to develop. Go ahead, and subscribe to our newsletter on the sidebar, or our RSS feed below so that you can keep up with the latest tech news, deals, reviews, and how To’s. Enjoy 🙂

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