Is your data safe? Google Centralizes “Privacy Policy”

As a web Junky I’m not always as careful as some when it comes to data. That being said, I am still worried about the new Google Centralized Privacy Policy. I like having Separate Policies for each program because I believe Youtube which is meant for sharing should have different privacy options than my Gmail.

 By overgeneralizing and Simplifying Could Google be leaving a Big Gap open for stealing our private data? That being said, we don’t have much of a choice. Google said it best when they said, (Paraphrasing) “If you don’t like the Google Privacy Policy then Don’t use Google”. The poor people who wrote the Privacy settings For Googles’ 100+ products and tests are out of work now. Check out the photo and video below. And Subscribe to our feed for more on your privacy, your devices, and your web. There is also an email option available and as always it is 100% free.

P.S If you want a more private search experience, then try out ixquick search at The data is private, and encrypted.

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Michael Sitver

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