Instant Jailbreak: The Easy Way

(Disclaimer: We are not liable or responsible for any damage to your device if you follow the steps below or use our site. Everything should go well but only jailbreak at your own risk)

Do you want a customized iphone interface or a weird third party app? All you have to do is jailbreak (remove Apple protections against third parties) your phone or other ios device and you can install what you want easily.

Note: Backup your device in itunes beforehand just in case something goes wrong and you can just restore your device at any time by installing from a backup on itunes (see post on Contacts issue for how to do).

Advice: This reportedly works better if you do the process below over WIFI versus 3G.

 The easiest way to do this is to open  in your browser on your device. This website will jailbreak it for you and then you simply install what you want (you can find stuff for your device with a simple Google search). Just follow the steps on the website. Your device should quit Safari and turn off then on. You should haver a new app that says installer on it. If you do it worked. If your device doesn’t quit Safari after a minute then try it again.

Enjoy and don’t worry. The Supreme Court decided it does not void your Warranty.

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