Bad App-le of The Month

This month’s bad app is the Hand Warmer 1.0 ($.99). It doesn’t work and it costs money (a double negative). That’s the scam of the month.

There are reportedly iphone handwarmers that work by overheating the phone and overworking that actually work. This doesn’t. Neither is good for your phone or your pocket. Basically Don’t buy it!

Here’s one entertaining review from a purchaser:

As stupid as my sister;) 


by BigTimeRushFan#1

This is the worst app in the world I knew it wouldn’t work it just that I thought that the makers will actually TRY to make me a little warm in the winter. DON’T WASTE MAYBE THE LAST 99 CENTS YOU HAVE LEFT!!!AND SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO THESE COMMENTS THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH (except the people that liked it it didn’t really work; it takes your heat and processes it in the object you’re holding: your iPod or iPhone; and make it feel like it’s working) WELL ITS NOT!!!!

So Don’t Buy it! Check out our other reviews and tutorials for things to actually buy.

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